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Sunday School

Focus: Learn
Who will teach our
children about God?

    Kids want to learn about
      God's people.

    Stories like crossing the
      Jordan, teach us how God
      deals with us, His people.

    This hour is dedicated to
      teaching and
it to real life.

    A wide variety of teaching
      methods engage children of
      all ages, making Sunday
      morning fun and meaningful!



Childrenís Worship

Focus: Worship
How do children learn to

    Interpersonal relationships are
      always a mystery, especially
      when that relationship is
      between God and your child.


    Children's Worship is the place
      for children to experience God.


    The deep bond between
      God and your child produces in
      a child the desire to draw near


    Unlike Sunday school, this hour
      isnít about giving answers as
      much as fanning the flame of
      wonder in a child.



Disciple Kids

Focus: Connect
How do we encourage
children to reach out?

    Child experts tell us that more
      is caught than taught!


    Wednesday night is a place
      for friends to invite friends.


    Children will participate in
      praise and worship, play
      games, make crafts and more
      because applying Bible
      concepts to our life with other
      believers creates more
      meaningful, loving


    Leaders seek to live out the
      concepts Jesus modeled such
      as love, giving, prayer,
      honesty, perseverance and


UPDATE:  Wednesday nights have something for the whole family now! 

all 6     all 5     all 4

all 3     all 2     all 1
Disciplekids on Wednesday evenings Bible Study

none none none none
Middle School on Wednesday evenings Bible Study

none none
High School on Wednesday evenings Bible Study

none none none none
Youth for Christ in the church sanctuary on Wednesday mornings

YFC picking up their breakfast that is served to them on Wednesday mornings

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YFC Breakfast at CCC on Wednesday mornings

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 The YFC starts at 7:30 a.m. every Wednesday morning with breakfast followed by their group meeting and dismissed in time for class unless there is a school delay. 

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