Sunday School

Focus: Learn
Who will teach our
children about God?

  • Kids want to learn about God’s people.
  • Stories like crossing the Jordan, teach us how God deals with us, His people.
  • This hour is dedicated to teaching and connecting it to real life.
  • A wide variety of teaching methods engage children of all ages, making Sunday morning fun and meaningful!

Children’s Worship

Focus: Worship
How do children learn to

  • Interpersonal relationships are always a mystery, especially when that relationship is between God and your child.
  • Children’s Worship is the place for children to experience God.
  • The deep bond between God and your child produces in a child the desire to draw near God.
  • Unlike Sunday school, this hour isn’t about giving answers as much as fanning the flame of wonder in a child.

Kids  For Christ (KFC)

Focus: Connect
How do we encourage
children to reach out?

  • Child experts tell us that more is caught than taught!
  • Wednesday night is a place for friends to invite friends.
  • Children will participate in praise and worship, play games, make crafts and more because applying Bible concepts to our life with other believers creates more  meaningful, loving relationships.
  • Leaders seek to live out the concepts Jesus modeled such as love, giving, prayer, honesty, perseverance and more.

UPDATE:  Wednesday nights have something for the whole family now!

VBS 2013

Kids Bible Connection on Wednesday evenings Bible Study

High School & Middle School on Tuesday after School

Missions Trip 2017