Upcoming Events
CWF LaFontaine Center Bingo
January 8th, 2022
CWF will be calling bingo at the LaFontaine Center and bingo prizes are needed! If you would like to contribute to this little mission project, the residents love things that they cannot buy with their food vouchers such as tissues, toilet paper, cotton balls, and denture cream, but most of all they LOVE baked goods!
If you can help with donations once in a while, we would appreciate it so very much! Donations can be dropped off in the main office.
Small Group Gathering
2nd & 3rd Friday of Every Month
Jones – Will resume in the Spring
Price – 3rd Friday of the Month – 6:30pm
Feel free to join us in this ministry as we take time to relax, enjoy the company of believers, and allow the Spirit to move, as only He is able to do.
We intend for the small groups to remain small and include a 5-10 minute devotion. However, the focus of these small groups will be a relaxing time for fellowship and fun! So far we have two host families, but more groups will be created depending on interest. If you are interested in joining a small group, we would love to have you! Reminders for time and location will be available on the website, in the Disciple, and in the Sunday service announcements.
We are excited about this new ministry and hope that you will join us!
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