S.W.A.T. Mission
– Learn the truth of God’s word
– Develop their relationship with Jesus
– Develop a strong and lasting prayer life
– Develop strong interpersonal relationships
– Learn to serve God by serving their community
Throughout the year you can find S.W.A.T. students doing a variety of activities from swimming and camping to hosting a Christmas party for the local women’s shelter and serving cookies to neighbors.
The S.W.A.T. ministry team is dedicated to guiding our students to be the LIGHT God has called us to be.
Upcoming S.W.A.T. Events
Feed My Starving Children
March 16th – 5:30pm
Feed my starving children is a ministry that creates food packs for children around the world. We will meet at the church at 5:30pm, get a quick meal at a local fast food restaurant, and carpool to South Adams High School (1000 Parkway St. Berne, IN). Packing starts at 7pm, we will be back at the church between 9:30pm – 10pm.
Oley’s Night
March 22nd – 5:30pm
We will meet at the church just like regular S.W.A.T. night with a meal and carpool to Oley’s for pizza and fellowship. Bring $5.00 to help with the cost. This would be a great night to bring a new  friend and introduce them to your youth group friends.
S.W.A.T. Mission Trip
Dear Parents,

The Youth department has scheduled a Mission Trip to
Charleston W.V. for June 11 th thru June 16 th 2023. This mission
trip is for students who have finished the 6 th grade and up
through the 12 th grade.
We will be partnering with “Youth Works” a Christ centered
organization that provides safe practical ways for students to
view God’s Kingdom with a helping heart in mind.
We will travel by van Sunday morning(June 11 th ) after church
to Charleston W.V. Travel time is about 5 ½ hours. We will stay
at a local church or school in dormitory style housing with
gender separation. (Girls in one area Boys in another) exact
address will be provided when we get closer to the time.
The daily schedule will look much the same.
Wake up @ 7, breakfast @ 7:15, Personal devotion and
prayer @ 8:25, travel to work site @ 9, Lunch @ noon, Back to
base @3:30, Dinner @ 5:30, Evening Activity til Gathering @
8:45, small group decompress time@ 9:30, and Lights out
Students may serve all or part of the week at a food shelf,
clothing distribution center, family shelter, children’s programming
or community garden.
The Cost for the trip per person is $480.00. Please don’t let the
cost be an issue for your student. The Youth leaders have
worked on a plan to help with the fund raising for each person
that wants to go with us.
Right now you may be asking why should we go on a mission
Mission trips help students gain experience helping others
who may not be able to do it on their own. In the process they
grow in their walk with Christ, while sharing Christ with others.
They also gain a heart of compassion for others they may not
have an opportunity to encounter. Students begin to bond with
each other in ways they would not in the regular youth group
setting. And lastly they gain a new sense of responsibility for all
of God’s Children.
Please take some time and prayerfully consider encouraging
your child to join us on this amazing adventure.
We encourage each student to bring a friend along to share
in the adventure.
Registration is now open for this trip, with a cut off date of
March 31 st . There is also a $50.00 registration fee to be paid at
this time.

May God Bless you
Terri Terry
For any questions my number is 260-359-8227
Mission Trip Fundraising
The cost per person is $480.00
This is a lot of money to send your child on a trip, so we have come up with some ideas and some help for your child to raise and work for the most savings possible.

First of all the registration fee of $50.00 goes toward the total.
Every year the youth department hosts a Flower Sale for Mothers Day. When they help with the flower sale 25.00 per hour that they work will be taken off the price of the trip. (if they work 4 hours, 100.00 will be deducted from their trip) We have a simple way for each Student to ask for donation from family and friends.

In the month of April we will set aside 2 weeks as a designated time slot for donations. During the 2
week time slot student will ask family and friends to sponsor a day toward the Mission trip. As each
person agrees to sponsor a day with 10, 20, or 30 dollars the student will write it on the supplied
calendar page. When the 2 weeks on the calendar are filled and the funds collected that amount will be brought to the church and applied to the 400.00 needed. For example: A student gets 14 people to each sponsor a day, some for $20.00, and some for $10.00 the student will have collected $200.00 to add to the trip.
One last way to help will be another hands on help event. In the past we have helped Feed My Starving Children pack meals for various countries around the world and we will be going again in March. When the student participates in this event another $75.00 will be added toward the trip. 

It may look like this:
-50.00 registration
-100.00 Flower Sale
-200.00 donation card
-75.00 Feed my Starving Children
$ 55.00                                      Left to pay by the time we get to June
S.W.A.T. Events Calendar

Note to Parents
We want to take this opportunity to welcome your Student to S.W.A.T. Youth Group. We are looking forward to another season of growing in God’s word.
S.W.A.T. Youth Group is for students from grade 6 to 12 who want to be a part of God’sKingdom and follow the word of God in their life. Our ministry staff is dedicated to the discipleship process for each of our students. We strive to teach God’s word in a way that encourages questions for spiritual growth and service for the community. We have started a program that reflects the belief that Jesus is our Lord, and He gave His life on earth as a ransom for each of us. Jesus has called us to take His word to all Nations, and we are determined to bring His word to the Students each week. We encourage Prayer and the importance of reading God’s word daily. Being a part of a group of like-minded friends in Christ is the future of the universal church. Where 2 or more are gathered in His name He is there.
S.W.A.T. Youth Group meets each week on Wednesday night from 6:00 to 7:30. We offer a free meal to all before youth starts (5:30).
We would like student(s) to be responsible to communicate for all classes and activities and to bring their Bibles. Please bring your student and encourage them to bring their friends, and together we can lay a foundation for the future.

Terri Terry (260) 359-8227

Joanie Snover (574) 527-7739
Linda Lakes (260) 224-3188
Peg Smallwood (260) 388-4934
Sherrina Schuckel (574) 440-5551