To Spank or Not to Spank

There’s a controversial issue that has reared its head in recent years that has become quite a thorn for some in the Body of Christ; that is, should we spank our children when they misbehave? For some, beliefs on corporal punishment fly right in the face of a modern study recently published in the May 2010 issue of the journal of Pediatrics and referred to in an article in our Indianapolis Star on April 18th.  I looked over the article and then picked up the Bible for my daily reading and in Proverbs 13:24, here’s what I found; “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children.  Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.”

New research from Tulane University, that was referred to in the article I read says spanking children seems to lead to more aggressive behavior when they’re older.  Of course, I don’t know about you but the fear of getting spanked often led me to put controls on my level of disobedience in regards to physical aggression (I saw no value in risking getting spanked due to hitting someone else).  These examples and information from both sides of the issue add to the debate on “do we spank or not spank.”

As a Christian, what do you do?  Do you go with studies conducted by universities, your own personal experiences or do you go with the Bible?  Does the Bible mean to spank your child every time they misbehave?  Or, does it leave room open for other forms of discipline and simply refers to spanking as one that’s effective?  What do you think?

I’m curious as to how you come down on this issue.  Do you spank your children?  At what age did you start or stop?  Have you tried more than one form of discipline and found one more effective than another?  Have you tried other forms of discipline, but found spanking as the most or least effective?  Being a good parent is not always easy and disciplining our children can be a very difficult thing.  While physical or mental abuse is never an option, Scripture tends to let us know that corporal punishment, when done correctly, can be effective in turning young minds from sinful paths.  Having said that, we need to always remember to mix discipline with love and disciplinary action with the welfare of the child and not as a means of venting our own anger.  What do you think?

Be blessed and be grateful,

Pastor Chris

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