A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

  1. Hayden 11-22-20


This week, both of my grandchildren spent several days with Heidi and myself leading up to Thanksgiving Day.  We had many joyful moments as we played games, visited the War Memorial playground area, had meals together and watched movies with much popcorn in store.  We had a wonderful time with them, but then again, we always do. One such incidence of much joy was when Reid and myself sat down to watch the animated Disney version of the Charles Dickens classic tale, “A Christmas Carol.” It was the first time Reid had ever seen the film and new little about the story beforehand.  He absolutely loved the film. In fact, I had to watch it five more times before the end of the week, as he could not get enough of it.  

I was happy about that.  It gave me the opportunity to talk to him about the themes of the story.  About caring for others at Christmas time, helping the poor and hurting in society, and the real meaning of the season (Jesus giving Himself to save the lost).  This week, Reid learned how blessed he really was as he saw poor children who often suffer without the things we take for granted and without the love that we so often enjoy.  He also learned that the source of all these good things come from God and because of God’s unchanging love for us (James 1:17, 1 Chronicles 16:11-12); and of course, the love our moms and dads have for us (also given by God, Romans 5:5).  He learned so well, that this past Sunday he insisted on him and I sponsoring a child by picking a stocking off of the gift tree on the wall outside the Sanctuary doors. Grandpa was more than happy to accommodate him. Reid was even willing to spend his own money.  Although he did leave his wallet back in Indianapolis…but that is ok.  His heart was there.  

This season, we may be in a bit of a funk due to the discouraging events and circumstances we have had to endure this year.  But we can still redeem the times for good by remembering that we still have opportunity to do good for others (Matthew 7:12, Luke 6:31).  There are many in need of physical provision but even more are the spiritually poor who are in need of a Savior.  As we have time, let us remember to convey that message above all others.  It is what we would tell our children and grandchildren, and what we would love to have them come to know.  

Be blessed even more!!

Pastor Chris

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