Communication Problems?

C. Hayden
Ever since Al Gore’s invention of the internet (tongue in cheek, ha-ha), we have jettisoned ourselves, not only into
the information age, but also into the communication age. Cellphones have put the ability to communicate with
each other in more ways, with faster speeds, and with almost any person living in any country around world at the
speed of light and with the touch of just a few buttons. But while we have the technology to communicate with
others in ever increasingly efficient and eclectic methods, it is our own sinful human deficiency that keeps us from
being able to communicate, understand, and play nicely with others.
One of the reasons Rob Jones, long time member and elder of Central Christian Church is coming on
board as a full-time Associate Pastor is to maximize our ability to communicate with one another. I personally
think we do a good job in communicating with our members and leaders. Right now, we send messages and
information through:
1) Flocknote messages sent out regularly (a program-based email and cellphone text-message program),
2) Bi-monthly newsletters (sent to are members & attendees receiving through email & snail mail),
3) Homebound newsletters sent out monthly,
4) Flyers and information postcards found throughout the Church,
5) A pray line email sent out to the Church when members & attendees are in need,
6) Scrolling messages before and sometimes during services (on the big screen), and
7) Announcements delivered at the beginning of services.
It is curious when, at times, someone will come up to me letting me know that they were unaware about an event
or opportunity. We’re not perfect though and sometimes we miss some things. Well, maybe Pastor Rob will be
able to help make sure information no longer falls through the cracks. We will
keep trying to better our communication efforts.
The Bible makes it very clear that communication is vitally
important. Important for us to consistently communicate with our Lord
and vitally important if we are to receive direction and guidance through our
listening to God Himself. The apostle John writes in 1 John 5:13, “These
things I have written to you who believe…that you may know that you have
eternal life and that you may continue to believe…” The whole Bible is God communicating to the people of the
world who He is, where and why we are here, God’s great love for us and what the future holds for all who believe
on His Name (and what is waiting for those who do not).
The Lord wants to speak to you, and He wants you to speak to Him. He invented the method by which
this is done. God sent His Son, the Logos (the Word) and His Holy Spirit by which communication between you and
God Himself can happen. Won’t you speak to Him today? He loves you and wants to talk to you. He is waiting.
Be blessed even more you wonderful children of God!!
Pastor Chris

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