Faithful To The Word

Faithful To The Word

  1. Hayden 4-10-17


The last decade has revealed an ever-growing apostasy that has attached itself to many in the Church. This apostasy has its support in the idea that “diversity” is the greatest benefit to society and so we need to embrace the belief systems of other religions so as to promote diversity. First of all, diversity that does not have “unity” as its foundation brings division and chaos. We see this in the news on a daily basis. But this idea that all religions are the same, only the names are different, is absolutely false at its very core. Focusing on the words of Jesus, it is clear that the Lord did not in anyway buy into this false concept.   While there may be many Christian denominations and non-denominational fellowships that are pathways to a relationship with Christ, there is only one pathway to God and that is through Christ alone. It is this apostate doctrine that all religions lead to God that has led many liberal leaders in organizations like The National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches to label missionary efforts and proselytizing (witnessing for Jesus) for the Lord as being arrogant and intolerant of other people and their culture.


John 14:5-7 says this, “Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?” 6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 7 “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” Jesus is not one way to God, He is the only way to God! That does not mean we should be unkind with others of different religions or cannot be a friend to people of other faiths. On the contrary, we are told to love even our enemies, so loving those who believe differently than we do is a hallmark of our faith. But we should never join with them in accepting their faith apart from Christ as an acceptable pathway to God. We need to be faithful to God’s Word, realize that apart from faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins, and continue to love others enough to tell them the truth of their need for The Savior, who is Christ the Lord.


Be blessed even more!


Pastor Chris


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