Grow the Kingdom

J. Fields
I recently preached on a message about the role and purpose of the church, as I
mentioned during my sermon this was a message that God has been stirring up within me for a
while now, for what I believe is many different reasons, I’ll get to those in a second. The thing
for us all to remember is it us who is the “church” – Yes this means that if we want the “church”
to look different the change must start within our own lives. Some people have asked; how can
you tell if the church is healthy and my response is…. Are souls being transformed for the glory
of God? Are people becoming mature in their relationship with God? Is the flock going out and
inviting others to church? Is the church living their lives in a way that you can see God through
them? These are all ways that a healthy church will shine.
Central Christian is a church that we should all be proud of; I know for my family it has
been a true blessing. Even though I do believe we are a spiritually strong church our work isn’t
done, the church should never be satisfied rather we should stay hungry for more of God. The
thing we don’t want to do is become comfortable in the way we do “church” instead we should
seek ways that God can stretch us, to take us out of our comfort zone. Let me explain why I
believe uncomfortableness is actually a good thing.
Before I share this story, please understand that I understand personally I have a long way
to grow and I am in no way trying to say this to bring praise to myself, I understand that I am just
a tool that God can use. A couple of years ago the Kendrick Brothers came out with a movie
called Courageous during this movie there was a moment where the men could take an oath
before God and their family stating that they would be the men that God has created them to be.
A gentleman in the church that I was attending at that time came up to me and asked me if I
would sign his declaration stating I would help hold him accountable, he said that he is asking
me to sign it because I’m the first person who ever spoke to him at the church and made him feel
welcome, talk about a powerful but humbling moment! From that moment I understood that
God has blessed me with the personality that I am to do His work in all circumstances. The point
is you never know the difference you may make in someone’s life so just be obedient, be
stretched, and allow the Holy Spirit to have its way within you, be the church.
Here’s the reason I believe God has been stirring this message about the purpose of the
church within my heart. The church isn’t supposed to be a comfortable social or country club
rather it is supposed to be a house of prayer, a place we go to worship, praise, speak to, and
glorify the King. While God should always be the reason, we attend church, He also calls us to
not only love Him but also love others? Church Family, we are entering one of the most crucial
and exciting times of the year, Easter! We must shine like the church should shine, we must
allow God to be alive within us and we must go reach everyone for Jesus! We can’t sit back and
just have church we must go a step further and be the church. We are going to get some groups
together and walk neighborhoods and invite others to church, we are going to let them know the
reason we celebrate Easter, will you join me and tell Huntington that we have GOOD NEWS and
HIS name is JESUS!!!!
Mark 16:15 “ And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole
Pastor Jason

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