Interesting Times

Interesting Times

  1. Hayden 2-10-20


We sure do live in interesting times. With news of the impeachment acquittal behind us, the upheaval in the relationship change among European nations (Brexit), the rising angst surrounding our next election, proposals for peace in the Middle East on the table, and now with a 10-week extension of professional football through the newly formed XFL, we are left to wonder what is next around the corner. Well what is next around the corner? It is not always clear what may be lurking just beyond eyesight and earshot, but we certainly are experiencing an increasing interest in apocalyptic knowledge. Many people are asking, what in the world is going on?

David Jeremiah, one of the foremost and well respected teacher of end-time events released a book in 1992 entitled, “The Handwriting on the Wall: Secrets From the Prophecies of Daniel.” In this offering Dr. Jeremiah reveals the Prophet Daniel and his cry to the children of Israel about what God is revealing to His people, just around the next corner. However, Daniel’s apocalyptic vision was not released only for the benefit of his generation. The Book of Daniel translates to our generation as well and begs a very important question. Do we see the handwriting on the wall? As Dr. Jeremiah puts it, “This is a time when all of God’s people need to keep their eyes and their Bibles wide open. We must ask God for discernment as never before.”

Well this is why end-time prophecy and Biblical revelation of future events are so important. Biblical prophecy helps us foster a sense of urgency in regards to taking our faith to those who do not know Christ. Quoting the good Dr. Jeremiah one more time, “My study of prophecy convinces me that God intends knowledge of future events to help us ‘occupy’ with a sense of urgency until the Lord returns.” Throughout Scripture we are told to “keep watch for you do not know the day or hour of your Master’s return” (Mark 13:35). The fact that we do not know when Christ is coming back should never give us a feeling that we have plenty of time to share our faith with others (or to receive Christ for ourselves), but that we may not have enough time for the Lord may be on the cusp of His return! Do you have that sense of urgency that time is slipping away and Christ may be returning just around the next corner? Interesting times indeed!

Be blessed even more!!

Pastor Chris       

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