Oh No, The End?

In Matthew 24, the Word tells us that in the latter days there will be wars, rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes in various places. We certainly see that today.  The global conflicts, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and now Turkey, as well as other natural disasters, are only examples of the signs that Jesus said would point to His return and the end of the age.  Nations are rising against nations and scientists inform us that there have been more earthquakes in recent history than all of the previous centuries combined. While some in the world may blame simple political differences or Israel’s unwillingness to give away their land (and the security the land gives them) that God gave them on these conflicts and every weather-related disaster on global warming, God informed us over 2000 years ago that this would happen signaling the season of His return.

These man-made and natural disasters are like birth pains that are announcing the arrival of a new age.  The day of grace is coming to an end and a final judgment is soon approaching.  What time is it?  Is it time to panic, be fearful, or have anxiety?  Not if you are a child of God.  The redeemed of the Lord are to be looking up expecting His soon return and reaching out to those around who are without hope.  Jesus even promised that the Holy Spirit would give us words to say in these last days to reach their hearts.

There is only one kingdom that cannot be shaken and all of those who are a part of that Kingdom have a huge opportunity for outreach.  It’s time for every Christian to be encouraged, full of the Holy Spirit and faith!

Be blessed,

Pastor Chris