Why the Ten Commandments?


Why the Ten Commandments

  1. Hayden 3-27-19


                Wednesday night Refueling Bible study has been a wonderful time of fellowshipping with other believers but the study has been absolutely EPIC! We have spent the last couple of months studying the book of Exodus as a continuation of our Genesis study. We finally reached chapter 20 of Exodus, which many of you know is the Ten Commandments chapter. We examined each commandment, one by one, to unpack God’s direction to the Israelites and the meaning for each of us today. Heidi and I will be returning from Australia this week with our regular Wednesday night study of this vital book of the Bible starting back up the first week of April.

As we examined each verse, we were able to see how necessary each verse was to our understanding of God’s holiness and purity and the requirements necessary for a growing relationship with God. However, the more we looked at these Ten Commandments (not 10 suggestions!), the more we saw our inability to keep them. Well if we are completely unable to live up to these commandments, why would God give them to us just to watch us fail in our attempt to be righteous? Now it is true that knowing them is a help to live, while not totally pure, a better, less sinful life than had we not known them. And it is true that the Big Ten God gave us has become a foundation to assist societies and nations from descending into total lawlessness. But the Bible tells us that if we break one, we have become guilty of all (James 2:10) and that there is none righteous, no not one (Romans 3:10). So why give them to us?

The answer is found in Galatians 3:24-25. “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.” The Ten Commandments were given to us, along with helping people and society itself know what is right, to teach us that we need a Savior, drawing us to Him knowing that without Jesus’ sacrifice, we would have no chance to enter God’s Kingdom. Now we should continue to live with God’s law as our guide, but salvation is only by grace, through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. You do not get into heaven by being a good person, attempting to keep the Ten Commandments. It is only through Christ and the Holy Spirit He imparts that we are able to live righteously before God. And entrance to God’s Kingdom, is only by the precious blood of Jesus shed for us on the cross!


Be blessed even more and thank you for all you do for God’s Kingdom!!


Pastor Chris         


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