Would You Rather

Would You Rather
C. Hayden 11-10-17
In this episode of the “Pastor’s Blog”, we are going to play the “Would You Rather” game. When playing the Would
You Rather game. You have to first set up the background subplot in which the question is asked so that an
informed decision can be made. The Would You Rather question is this. Would you rather be traveling the open
seas on the most luxurious Carnival Caribbean Cruise Ship, or would you rather be sailing aboard the most modern
of US Naval Aircraft Carriers??? Now here’s the subplot that may help you determine your choice: You live in the
midst of a world war, the enemy
is moving to and fro everywhere, and
you never know when or where
he might attack next. The enemy is not
concerned with what type of
vessel you are on, he wants only to kill,
steal, and destroy, and our foe
will not hesitate to devour any and all
he has opportunity to do so.
Be blessed even more!!
Pastor Chris

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